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Our real Estate Background

Our privately held group companies have developed over 100 single-family communities over the past 40 years, valued at over 1.5 billion dollars. We have transformed over 40,000 acres of undeveloped land into completed residential home sites in states ranging from Virginia to Texas.

For the past two decades, we have operated using only private equity and debt from high net worth individuals, without bank or institutional debt. This has permitted the group to exercise its vision to the benefit of investors, mitigate the financial stresses of economic slowdowns, and to remain opportunistic in buying from a position of strength when markets are depressed.

Our group companies have raised over $450 million dollars from high net worth investors and lenders to purchase property and develop single-family housing communities.
Prior to the 2008 real estate recession, we delivered a preferred average annual pre-tax return to our investors.

To date, our investments have been exclusively focused in the southeastern Sunbelt states.
Activity during the past few years has included over $65 million invested in the acquisition of:

US Housing Investments LLC (‘USHI’) is our residential real estate investment management company focused on launching and managing our Fund offerings.

We believe our group’s 40 years in the single-family housing development business provides USHI with a level of insight and understanding of southern U.S. residential real estate that few other firms in the country can measure up to.

It is this experience, encompassing over 100 single-family community developments, which our
group offers its investing partners.

See Tab link above, Our Projects for a map listing a selection of some of our large single family housing development projects, spanning Virginia to Texas.