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why we were formed

USHI LLC is focused on addressing the two biggest challenges and biggest opportunities in real estate investing today:

  1. The looming shortage of available developed single-family lots, as housing construction gradually recovers, following a virtual 6 year hiatus in the financing of new lot development projects.
  2. The growing demand for single-family rental housing.
    The nation faces a growing social problem if lenders and institutional investors fail to facilitate and finance the creation of more single-family rental housing. Through delinquency or foreclosure, 7 to 9 million households will soon lack the credit standing to finance a home purchase and millions will be compelled to seek rental housing.
    We see this huge national challenge of ownership shifting to rentals on over 5 million homes, homes expected to enter foreclosure or short sale during the next few years, as one of the two biggest opportunities in real estate investing currently.

USHI, formed in 2012 by our group to oversee our latest family of real estate investment fund offerings, was launched as a vehicle for large scale investment in distressed US real estate by institutional investors seeking attractive yields and significant 5-year capital gains.

  1. The USHI Land & Lot Development Funds will be used to acquire REO land and lots for completion and sale to national and local homebuilders.
  2. The USHI Home Rental Funds will be used to acquire lender or real estate owned “REO”, foreclosed or short-sale properties, primarily single-family and townhomes, to be converted to income producing rental properties.